FABA S A offers professional Service for tools with HSS, HM and DP tips. We provide services of regrinding, balancing and regeneration of cutting tips with great accuracy. We are proud to offer our service assistance to all of our customers. All our customers are offered a full range of spare parts as well as complex technical assistance of our team of experienced engineers.

Our factory service includes regrinding and regeneration pf tools with HSS, HM and DP tips, evaluation of quality and wear level. After the regrinding process the tools are ready to use. The service includes a balancing and measurement certificate.

  • We regrind HM saw blades with every tooth geometry;
  • We regenerate by replacing the missing or damaged tips;
  • We regrind cutters with HM, HSS and DP tips;
  • We regrind HM and HSS planer knives;
  • We offer regrinding according to profile;
  • Tools with DP tips are regrinded on flank face.


Advantages of using FABA S. A. authorized service:

  • Thanks to optical measurement, profile tools always retain the original profile after regrinding;
  • Applying the electro-erosion method (EDG) allows for the highest accuracy of diamond tools regrinding;
  • New regrinding technology based on CAD-CAM Systems allows for very precise projection of profile path on cutting tool edge included in the file;
  • After each regrinding, the tools are dynamically balanced in G 2,5 class with attached print out.

Map and address of authorized service "FABA" S. A.:

Hurtownia nr 1
Zemborzyce Tereszyńskie 49a, 20-515 Lublin
tel: +48 81 750-90-00

Hurtownia nr 2
65-395 Zielona Góra, ul. Emilii Plater 6A
tel: +48 68-325-75-30

Hurtownia nr 3
64-920 Piła, ul. Żwirowa 15
tel: +48 67-214-69-60

Hurtownia nr 4
42-263 Wrzosowa, ul. Długa 3A
tel: +48 34-366-12-81

09-100 Płońsk, ul. Handlowa 5
tel: +48-23 662-77-38

ТзОВ "ФАБА Сервіс"
45400 Волинська обл.
м. Нововолинськ
вул. Шахтарська, 55а
тел. +38 (067) 332 37 97

Tool regrinding – recommendations

Recommended grinding wheels by FABA Baboszewo

  1. Tools (cutters, cutter heads) with tips made from high speed steel (HSS) should be regrinded with Borazon grinding wheels with the following characteristics: B 126 or 151, V – 180, hardness - K
  2. Tools (cutters, cutter heads) with tips made from carbide (HM) should be regrinded with diamond grinding wheels type 12A2, granulation D 91 – 126, concentration C 75, hardness – M.