FABA S. A. was established in 1991 as a joint-stock company owned exclusively by private persons. The company headquarters is located in Baboszewo where all the tools are made. We also have six factory shops, four in Poland and two abroad (in Ukraine and Slovakia), where our sales representatives are responsible for direct contact with customers, technical advisory and sales. Each factory shop is equipped with servicing machines. In total, FABA employs almost 380 workers. Taking advantage of extensive knowledge and experience of our engineers, we can offer highest quality standard and custom made tools.

  • 2023 - Launching the intergrated automatic shank tools production system - AIMS
  • 2021 - Expanding the range of shank tools for wood, steel and aluminum
  • 2020 - Putting to use a new production facility of the N3 department
  • 2018 -  Construction of new production facility with the area of 2800 square meters with office space for designers and engineers
  • 2011- 2016 - modernization and expansion of production facilities. Increasing production area by 2300 m2.
  • 2010 - Starting the production of tools for metal machining
  • 2007 – „FABA - Service”, a company within „FABA” capital group is established in Ukraine
  • 2003 – „FABA - Slovakia”, a company within „FABA” capital group is established in Slovakia
  • 2002 – „FABA - DI”, a company within „FABA” capital group manufacturing tools with PCD tips is established
  • 2000 – „FABA” S.A. starts manufacturing PCD tools
  • 1999 – „FABA” S.A. is awarded ISO 9001 certificate
  • 1992 – production of circular saw blades for wood cutting is launched
  • 1991 – registering „FABA” as a joint stock company, modernization of the cutters production department; the beginning of dynamic development
  • 1988 – manufacturing profile cutters and straight cutterheads
  • 1977 – manufacturing milling cutters
  • 1975 – manufacturing relieved cutters
  • 1953 – manufacturing simple woodworking tools such as planer knives
  • 1947 – Repair Workshop is opened